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Hi, I'm Kim Bjørn.

Author, designer, and musician.

KIM is an author, speaker, electronic musician, and designer, with a profound interest in the interactions between people, and between people and machines. PATCH & TWEAK is his eighth book following the now industry-standard PUSH TURN MOVE. Kim lectures, write and give regular talks and workshops on the topics of musical interface design and electronic music instruments. He has released six ambient albums with his electronic music and occasionally performs live at venues and festivals. Based in Copenhagen, he now runs his boutique publishing company Bjooks while traveling all over the world, as he loves to meet artists, makers, and readers and experience the diverse musical creative cultures.

About Me

My books.



The new book on electronic music instruments.

Meet the artists, designers, makers and their instruments and see how they have shaped the world of electronic music.


352 pages richly illustrated with photos, illustrations, and prototypes, and with a foreword by electronic music visionary Jean-Michel Jarre.


This book celebrates the art and science of interface design in electronic music
by exploring the functional, artistic, philosophical, and aesthetic worlds within the mysterious link between player and machine.


Including Dorit Chrysler, Suzanne Ciani, Richard Devine, DiViNCi, Laura Escudé,
Ean Golden, Axel Hartmann, Larry Heard, Roger Linn, Keith McMillen, Moldover, Jordan Rudess, Dave Smith, Tatsuya Takahashi, and others, along with well-known music industry brands like Ableton, Arturia, DJ TechTools, Elektron, Korg, Make Noise, monome, Moog, Native Instruments, Novation, Propellerhead, Roland, Teenage Engineering, and Yamaha.

Dive into the ideas behind music gear like synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, DJ equipment, DAWs, and iOS apps. Explore sections on design principles, control elements, visualization of sound, and concepts such as grids, MPC, multitouch, modular, and much more. PUSH TURN MOVE is the very first book of its kind.


PUSH TURN MOVE was funded on Kickstarter within an hour on April 18th 2017 and eventually reached 1,300% funding from more than 1,400 people within a month. 


PUSH TURN MOVE is written by Danish designer, author, lecturer and electronic musician Kim Bjørn and edited by Mike Metlay, editor at Recording Magazine and Paul Nagle, reviewer at Sound on Sound Magazine. 

Check PUSH TURN MOVE here.


The new book about modular synths, their makers, and masters. Patching secrets, performance tips, history, modules, and techniques.


PATCH & TWEAK provides an opportunity for new and experienced users to become true masters of their modular systems by exploring, explaining, and demystifying a range of topics relevant to anyone interested in modular synths or just synthesis itself.


A cornerstone of PATCH & TWEAK is a bouquet of inspirational interviews with significant creators and major artists. Learn about their systems, philosophies, patching secrets, performance tips, and passion for modular synthesis. 

Besides a comprehensive introduction to synthesis and its history, the book covers systematic sections on concepts, purpose and creative possibilities of specific modules. Enjoy colorful diagrams, presentations of both popular and rare modules, semi-modular and software, as well as techniques for patching and how to get started. 


PATCH & TWEAK has a foreword by Suzanne Ciani, is written by Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, and edited by Paul Nagle.


PATCH & TWEAK got rapidly funded in May 2018 by more than 1600 people. 


Check PATCH & TWEAK here.

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